Leveler Poetry Journal
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You’re It, Tag

Spray paint can store record

through mural, stalk stray words,

maul syntax’s small talk. Cat claws,

slaw-like shred. Gag reflex caws

a few bars of sun glare. Sure as bird

and bee speech bumble, hybrid

of fight and flight. Our little level-

headed acquaintance shovels

drinkers’ car keys into his rucksack,

together we declared amphibrach.

I threaded baubles on string theory,

amongst rusted tools shed allergy

tears. I came to harangue sorrow,

tell Faberge tales, wear my toe

tag like a friendship ring. Bottom rung

seemed like a nice spot to hang.

If duck operation, then new goose.

Untagged wall, indecorous use.

The machines sprayed on faces,

stripped self from our carapaces.

Led to big sleep, dead man walked chary.

Achilles heels locked in our diaries.

Stephen Danos