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Things That Were Thrown Out Of My Room


Empty red bottles reading “Fluoxetine” on them,

spent asthma inhalers, a sponge with a John Lennon

quote about a sponge written on it, letters written

in crayon adorned with foil stars, concert stubs from

every show I saw between the ages of eighteen

and twenty-five, a green barrette that was given

to me by a girl with purple hair, a single tarnished

earring, a demo tape of a band I had seen once

who played a song about a girl I was cheating with,

a deck of playing cards that I bought on a train,

a Lego biplane I bought for someone else but never

gave them, dried flowers I was given when I was

too sick to move but not sick enough to forget,

more empty red bottles once housing clonazepam,

a poster of ’68 Comeback Special Elvis swiveling

and sneering at a poster of an alien head made up

of thousands of smaller pictures of astronauts

walking on the moon, a picture of a blonde with a halo

drawn around her head next to one with devil horns

and a curling tail drawn on, a butterfly knife I bought

from a friend before I realized it was illegal, yet I

still carried it around on a camping trip even though

I don’t know what I planned to do with it, a cookbook

with only recipes involving chili peppers, a perfectly

fine baseball that was thrown out by accident, the bear

that had sat in my closet for years wearing a red ribbon

even though it could have just as easily been given

away, a pillowcase featuring all the original Star Wars

characters that I wanted to keep no matter how many

holes and stains it may have had, and all of this saying

nothing about my hope for a prolonged childhood as well.

John Findura