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The Polo Lesson

Something that was lost

Big nets surrounded the ring

“Because sometimes people throw stuff,” the instructor said

Brenda riding a huge stallion and I get this tiny pony

who kept falling down and not getting up

I straddled him, he was so tiny

The children came down from the stands and put flowers around his hooves when

he fell

The pony liked this, he would eventually get up, lick a few noses, and the children

run back to the stands

And we’d trot off, trying to find the instructor and Brenda and the big stallion

I think his name was Tanya, the pony

The instructor I don’t know his name, he was always running off

with Brenda when he saw me, I think they were hiding underneath some straws

They were probably doing something; no, it just

seemed that way.

It was a resort place, a giant country club or something

in Michigan

The way Michigan is my infinity

I want to visit Michigan

Places to wander when they seek you out

Go into hiding or do not go

James Grinwis