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The Physician in the Dark


I laugh at metaphysics

which devours me.

 — Gambrowicz


To keep things handy, take note of all events of my life:

“Today I am twenty-six,” and so on.

The rain is forming an intimate relationship with me.


Do not mistake repeated images for symbols

 I am Saturn I am far away.


I have a dream where I am on a stage and I am the stage

and the audience and especially the lights.


Momentary deities.

She leaves and so does it.


One object in this room is a holy wonder-working icon

but which one?

Each object is a sphinx.


When an icon is destroyed that saint dies

and that is all Emerson.

We trembled as children.


In the street an angel ascends to heaven, within reason.

It’s bad to loathe the spiritual growth of friends.


One does not “have an imagination”

one gets locked in a zoo cage

 said to contain sea monsters

but which is paved and unfurnished.


The lizard at the bomb site is unafraid and has known

of the world’s end sorting through true and false gods.


Dustin Junkert