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The Legendary Hat Story

The legendary hat story takes place in Canada.

The story has nothing to do with Canada.

I hide my grandfather’s old pea-shooter

Under my hat.  His story goes that this gun was

Used to assassinate Abraham Lincoln.

My grandfather was not John Wilkes Booth.

However, we have the theatre in our blood.

The legendary hat story slips in-between

Spotlights, but has yet to be adapted for stage

Or screen.  Exterior: Whilst flying over Canada

In an exact scale replica of the Hindenburg,

Off flies my hat, taking along its story, the gun.

The salty brim turned up, sail-like, too faced

Into the wash, its contents scattered

Over the wilderness.  The story at least armed

For survival, the brutal wait to be discovered.

Errant hairs floating down.  The story everyone

Will have to tell the day they finally return home.

Ryan Collins