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The Guy Who Always Called Me Love


the guy who always called me Love
is around town again
and has seen me
How are you, Love?
Up to you, Love.
It’s your life, Love
I want to keep going on
with being called Love
I want to be thrown Love
like a cushion of velvet
before you take a knife
and tear through it
looking for hidden drugs
you find the drugs
and you can’t do the drugs
it is like being named Crystal
but later in life
it would be great to know if Love
was like A way to say Sexy
or just another lean-to
another waitress’s Hun
I think it’d be better
if Love was a function
like a series of ballgowns
tried on in a bell jar
a corsage in the fridge
a corsage on your wrist
a corsage as a radio
and anytime you want
you can say
Love I don’t feel so good
Love I’m hit I’m down
Man Down
Love Man Down
I repeat Love
Man Down
Love I need to lie down
Love I lay down
or Love
send backup
Love there is danger
black SUV
take this down
one one six
false alarm Love
over Love
roger Love
the suspect
has left the building Love
I repeat the suspect
has left the building
la la la
or if Love was laid out
like Abracadabra
so that anytime he said it
I’d fall in a hat

Halie Theoharides