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submissions: guidelines

LEVELER welcomes your work year-round. Send only one previously unpublished original poem as a Microsoft Word attachment to


One poem, and nothing else, is all we ask for. We don’t read cover letters or bios because we prefer looking at your poem on its own, without any regard for your publication history (or the lack of it). We don’t publish bios for the same reason, so that our readers need not feel biased based on past accomplishments, and can enjoy your work as it speaks for itself, context-free. So email us your poem, and say hi if you like, or just the same leave the body of the email empty, because there is no need for anything else. If you’d like to be available for comments from our readers, include your email address at the bottom of the poem and, should your poem be published, we’ll post your email along with it.


We suggest you don’t submit your poem simultaneously. We only ask for one poem at a time; let us hold just this one for eight weeks before you decide to send it elsewhere. Still, it’s fine if you decide to simultaneously submit your poem, but do inform us at the above email address in the event of its acceptance elsewhere. Please wait to send more work until you’ve heard back from us. Also, we ask that you limit submissions to no more than three times a year. Usual response time is two months. We do our best to respond sooner. If we accept your poem for publication, we ask for first electronic rights.


Thank you for your interest in LEVELER. We appreciate the opportunity to read your work.