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Subject: There Will Always Be a Moment in Your Life That Can Change Everything

If you think there’s been enough foment

in the heartland, try keeping your thinking

to a minimum. For now take comfort in

sitting in a bar, assessing the heartland

from afar. Ask your bartender for a shot

of anything & remember: the modern nation’s

clairvoyants have no time for the dalliances

of astral charts: they’ll just pronounce you happy,

possessed of everything. Long an advocate

of lengthy memory & strong alliances,

you’ll address the grievances of the masses

with grim pride. The leaders of the coup

made announcements; they didn’t last.

You called a press conference to comment.

These feelings shouldn’t be allowed to ferment,

you said, not if we’re to change anything. By now

you’ve lost your shot to the gaunt blonde

watching the revolution fail on the television.

Ask your bartender for another moment’s

peace. Ask your martyred friends

if there’s still hope for cheap feats of resistance.

Samuel Wharton