Leveler Poetry Journal
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Standing Passengers


On a loop, holding

The noose by the pewter’s edge


Back bent & pendent

As the world turns


So many stranded seconds

Between each stop


So many stops to see

What happens, or what’s happening


Or what hasn’t happened

Yet, petulant


& expressionless, with an eye

For the details


Mutely unrolling

On each minute surface


As a rule of thumb

All it takes is one


To move between

Time & space


Harvesting memories

For a fist full of variables, valuables


Exchanged, change

Dangling in pockets


Of air-conditioned hum

The swift silent gathering


Of a cloud among many other

Clouds, an invitation to look


At objects which are closer

Than they might appear


In my prior life

I was a pair of jeans


So often put on

Or placed between


Sundry parts, articles

Of cloth or words


First one foot

Then the next


To slip inside me

Sequestered in denim


To live again

Or be repeating


To breathe & feel

On yielded knees


Consider algebra

Theorems you never read


Or half-remembered

How to be one


With yourself or how to be


Chris Campanioni