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cold growth appears   centers   rips

through time  some clouds   where some

bodies turn intowers   over   some bodies

like mine  interior   cold river frozen


a tourist: insideme  a village: insideme

(i massacre most)


where hot hot revs up through    what

hot hot noises vvvvmmmmm   up through

& into  say make more art   insidehere

some flesh that hives   upon breath


excavate & eviscerate

you pull these


from my mouth


warm pink life  some season change

righthere   thrown bodies intothere

some water underneath   moves

like water does  roundgloss progression


silent weight presses

you on my   body how

can i breathe   you

like this   show me

what feels here


colors collide inthere  some what want

some hard handle   mouth mouth mouth

some words onto righthere  rises eyed

from under  full lift my arms hold

(this weight of you)

Alexis Pope