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sometimes the night’s too bright


put the pile where years
have gone to nigh/ put the dial
where ears have come to cry/


there’s an opera blowing through
the trees with no motherfuckers to hear it/
& they all wanna be as pretty as me/


at 3 am on larkin/ eyelashes on fleek/
& dope wasn’t the thrill we thought it
would be/ you want reassurance from


some nigga in the sky/ i want to air our
dirty laundry on the street/ there’s the smell
of hair being relaxed in the apse of the


looney bin/ we were just sword fighting
in the men’s room/ just huddled around the
pipe like a quarterback/ & if that nigga’s a


doctor/ then i’m the queen of ______/
& you’re everybody’s darlin/ like
ray robinson in paris


Note: “Put the smile where tears have come to dry” is a line from the Dylan Thomas poem “Sometimes The Sky’s Too Bright.”

Kwame Opoku-Duku