Leveler Poetry Journal
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Silent Film


Two brothers           the left side of the

and one lover             shot into the

wrestle in the snow       action

He hands her the

They do jumping jacks          camera and

and catch snow balls        tackles his


Her eyes draw

Brown bangs hang over     The dog chases both.

her brow and her

smile makes her         Her sickness is

an actress                      rooted

as a tree

The older brother,

her original lover,      Two brothers as lovers

focuses        unknown to the other

the lens to

ensure that the           They make babies

hat and hairstyle of              Later.

his younger brother is          Later she will

known for all time               torture them

in the

Like passing seasons                 snow still

grass, leaves, flakes

a brown and black                     State Park

dog runs down                          November 1971

Lauren Rebecca Gay