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Scare The Information Through Direct Observation

for Ana C, the inviter

Whatever word you’re thinking of, the word “duh”

requires more gentleness. “Check Your Privilege” sung

to the tune of “Call Your Girlfriend.” It’s okay if you don’t

even know that one. One thing we’re glossing over here

is categories. Publish your metadata by hacking strangers’

passwords and changing them to the names of those no one

realized you loved. A new species of leopard frog discovered

in the dugout at Yankees Stadium. A whole new way to get

depressed is to discover YouTube’s audience retention stats

for those videos you worked an average of three to five

hearts on. Like let’s say I upload a bunny skull, a king rat

keychain, a tiger-striped catkin, a seashell in the shape of

Ronald Reagan’s haircut. I carry what I can to drop

before you. Whatever world you’re thinking of is

shrinking. “Wait, Give My Poetry to Geeks” sung

to the tune of “Hey, That’s No Way to Say Goodbye.”

That one: no excuses. Punish your audience by making them

remember their tongues. I just got invited to experience the new

Doritos Taco from Taco Bell, a taco with Doritos for a shell,

mutual with whoever-can-make-it in a live video chat.

Like say the idea is I have these ideas so I unload them.

You take them down. You take them up?

Mike Young