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Rock Salt


it can’t be salt, just salt, as the reason

the ocean doesn’t freeze—a reticent fury

or maybe a thrum in the untouchable underbelly,

its capacity to hold its ships as though

they’re tiny replicas in a bottle.

we recall the ocean a certain way,

elusive blue when it’s really more dreamscape

grey and its fat froth silhouettes

the skin like it’s desperate for a touch,

wants to cup it in its sudden curve. and o

when i jump in the Atlantic, i want to be

rock salt, a hollow splash, dissolving into it

dripping nothing but pulse that keeps

vast liquid from freezing, faster

than foxes, fill me full of sharks.

it’s blood we say, it can’t freeze

because of all this blood inside it—

human, bottom-feeder, whale, cosmic

debris and all the matter and boundless

energy that cannot be created or destroyed.

Charlotte Seley