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In 1728 the English

Astronomer James Bradley announced

His discovery of what came to be

Known as the aberration of starlight—

The slight shift in the position of stars

Due to Earth’s flight & light speed’s finitude—

By observing that Gamma Draconis

Seemed to have a mind of its own & would

Wiggle a bit sans science’s say-so

Thus calling for some new dogma at once


The Czech word for yes is no & therefore

I, Penelope Odelette Dartmouth,

Do put forth that the enigma of a

Contrary temperament can be neatly

Resolved by the simple declaration

Of oneself as Czech—& while I’m at it

What the heck?—Royal Society, note,

Due to Earth’s finitude & light’s long flight

I’ll propose, for your consideration,

The aberration of all telescopes

Penny O. Dartmouth