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No cracked earth 


No cracked earth, no blistering sun, no burning wind, no grasshoppers are a permanent match for the indomitable American

Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1936

Report forthcoming on how to break up

wind     on who what when                  report on not why

talk about a forecast

the policy is immeasurable they say the policy will save us

just listen you can hear it        reporting for miles

like pistol shot              maybe grazing

a decimal here or there or just eroding whole numerals

but I bet twenty thousand already caravanned west two      

seasons ago                speculation a little late I think

saplings           for testing and more    more policy

apply for government employment, they say

testing for a job to test and be tested on is taxing

as re-re-planting          or aquifer extraction

but at least it pays       even if damn   policy fools.    

                        Here now

let’s have a look Mister College Crest       Mister Sportcoat

let’s put in place this report                

with terms appropriate for this here jurisdiction—

            mark first word

exodus      the last don’t


count on rain.            How about the sound of that?

Caroline Klocksiem