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The girl with a mother throws the mother: Rachel Bennett: 12/18/17


spiralism//lashing: Candice Wuehle: 01/08/18


Desperation: Jacqueline Young: 01/15/18


more poems: ongoing


Grid: Carol Alexander: 12/11/17


Yes: Adam Deutsch: 12/04/17


My Sex Tape Cinematographer: Julianne Neely: 11/27/17


Mineral to Marrow: Aileen Bassis: 11/20/17


Deadass: Andrew Weatherhead: 11/13/17


Ode to my sneeze: Rosabelle Illes: 11/06/17


That the wind stilled.: Kim Parko: 10/30/17


Reverse Evolution of Various Non-Mammals: Ellen Boyette: 10/23/17


The Tree That Would Not Turn: Conrad Geller: 10/16/17


[there’s no place to go]: Darren C. Demaree: 10/09/17


About These Ads: Curtis Rogers: 10/02/17


A Lesser City: Jess Williard: 09/25/17


Growing Up: Anna Kander: 09/18/17


The Novel I Never Wrote: Jennifer Juneau: 09/11/17


January 1: Hajara Quinn: 09/04/17


Tonight I Am the News: Kathleen Hellen: 08/28/17


dear anne with the broken fingernails: Sara Peck: 08/21/17


sometimes the night’s too bright: Kwame Opoku-Duku: 08/14/17


The Difficulty in Owning up to Happiness: Mohana Das: 08/07/17


Blue: Meriwether Clarke: 07/24/17


Stridor: Priscilla Wathington: 07/17/17


On Comedy: Alexus Erin: 07/10/17


Sleep-Anxiety: Julia Anna Morrison: 07/03/17


The School of Naps: Erik Kennedy: 06/26/17


and: Luisa-Evelina Stifii: 06/19/17


Waiting to Surface: Rebecca Doverspike: 06/12/17


Note To Self: Ginna Luck: 06/05/17


Self Portrait Featuring Migratory Bird: Rebecca Bornstein: 05/29/17


Bicycle so Fast: Ariana Turiansky: 05/22/17


Money Insists and Love Delights in Worth: Stephanie Barber: 05/15/17


Who Rest: Suzanne Highland: 05/08/17


Exposure: Rita Feinstein: 05/01/17


Route: Lizzie Harris: 04/24/17


How I Am Doing Now: Mary Ann Honaker: 04/17/17


Poem for a State Forest: Michael Gregory: 04/10/17


American Pastoral: Virginia Konchan: 04/03/17


Nantucket: Jenny Williamson: 03/27/17


A Slant of Certain Light: Gina Bernard: 03/20/17


The Google Earth Effect: Tanya Grae: 03/13/17


Gunk-holing: Candice M. Kelsey: 03/06/17


Essay on Early Twenties: Danielle Mitchell: 02/27/17


To Being This Human: Leslie Seldin: 02/20/17


For Visiting Denver, Returning Home: Amie Zimmerman: 02/13/17


Meditation: Shevaun Brannigan: 02/06/17


In Each Dream Defeat: Rebecca Givens Rolland: 01/30/17


What’s Next: Elizabeth O’Brien: 01/23/17


The Oracle of Fallen Baby Teeth: Jennifer Lothrigel: 01/16/17


Big Sur: Kirsten Abel: 12/19/16


Steps for the Grim Reaper: William C. Blome: 12/12:16


Mist: Robin Cedar: 12/05/16


gunna: Christine Tierney: 11/28/16


This World: Rae Hoffman: 11/21/16


Jimmy Walks: James Ardis: 11/14/16


Tea: Korey Hurni: 11/07/16


a parisian colony on mars: Jack Felice: 10/31/16


My Virtual Mistress Paige: Wes Civilz: 10/24/16


Alone in Central Kalimdor: Erick Verran: 10/17/16


Black Forest: Marit MacArthur: 10/10/16


From the Ground Up: Actober Reid: 10/03/16


March Journal: Wednesday, March 6, 2013: Don Mager: 09/26/16


Way Too Far: Thomas Snarsky: 09/19/16


Grooming: Maria Wesserle: 09/12/16


From above: María Cristina Hall: 09/05/16


sun worship: Devon Balwit: 08/29/16


Meditation at Niagara Falls, New York: Joey Nicoletti: 08/22/16


aphrodite tells her friend about adonis: Lisa Alden: 08/15/16


The Seventh: Lucas Rivera: 08/08/16


Do You Want to Go to Havana: Amy Sauber: 08/01/16


The Turn of a River Rock: James Cooper: 07/25/16


Misses of the Swaying Light Bulb: Haesong Kwon: 07/11/16


Every Meal Tastes of Premonition: GennaRose Nethercott: 07/04/16


(from) A Paper Likeness: Heidi Reszies: 06/27/16


Quarry Pile: Julia Leverone: 06/20/16


Aerolite Aerolite: Joseph Harms: 06/13/16


Irreducible Minimum: Bruce McRae: 06/06/16


Running After a Soccer Ball: Jerome Daly: 05/30/16


Dream of My Father’s Shiva, Auschwitz,1942: Lisa Hiton: 05/23/16


15th & G: Alyse Knorr: 05/16/16


ugly mattress: Zachary M Hodson: 05/09/16


Personal Statement (in which I am): Chris Campanioni: 05/02/16


lake erie: Sarah Kelly: 04/25/16


The Feeling of Yesterday in Today: Carrie Chappell: 04/18/16


liminal spaces: Abi Pollokoff: 04/11/16


Robert Smithson at the Hotel Tarlabaşı: Derick Mattern: 04/04/16


Following Ghosts Through the Yucatán: Lauren Camp: 03/28/16


Mineral Mnemonics: Jessica K Baer: 03/21/16


Ursa Minor: Zoë Bodzas: 03/14/16


The Ladybug at the Drag Show: Lucia LoTempio: 03/07/2016


Simultaneous Elegy: Amanda Silberling: 02/29/16


Second Planet: Meg Yardley: 02/22/16


The Cat Killed Curiosity: Barbara Campbell: 02/15/16


Lost Morning Eyes: Judah Levenson: 02/08/16


Fantasy while serving rhubarb pie: Rebecca Nelson: 02/01/16


Parable: Alana Murphy: 01/25/16


Nintendo: Julia Tillinghast: 01/18/16


The Words upon the Walk: Ron Singer: 01/11/16


The World Unseen: Roy White: 12/28/15


The Portrait: Laurie Kolp: 12/21/15


Documentary Studies: Erin M. Bertram: 12/14/15


What the Purists Prefer: Jessica Fjeld: 11/30/15


Bellwether: Graeme Bezanson: 11/23/15


The car right through the wall: Luke Degnan: 11/16/15


kill. this. witch.: Melissa Parietti: 11/09/15


Every Saturday relinquishing freedom: Isabel Sobral Campos: 11/02/15


i feel most like myself: Rachel Charlene Lewis: 10/26/15


Gemini: Mary Catherine Kinniburgh: 10/19/15


Late Bloomer: Gerard Sarnat: 10/12/15


The Guy Who Always Called Me Love: Halie Theoharides: 10/05/15


Visitation: Hila Ratzabi: 09/28/15


Standing Passengers: Chris Campanioni: 09/21/15


Earthquake Engineering: Emily Pinkerton: 09/14/15


Bagel Angle, a Poem of Dancing: Roy White: 09/07/15


Letter to Nathan from a Dream Mall: Kate Garklavs: 08/31/15


World Light: Elana Wolff: 08/24/15


67°28′S 61°41′E: Dennis Sweeney: 08/17/15


Manhattan Ave: Catherine Pond: 08/10/15


ritual instructions: Danielle Perry: 08/03/15


New Year’s Eve: Vincent Poturica: 07/27/15


Rock Salt: Charlotte Seley: 07/20/15


Self-Portrait as Bird or Bee: Leslie Shipman: 07/13/15


Rob Delaney: James Croal Jackson: 07/06/15


Cellar Door: Peter Able: 06/29/15


Beginner’s Guide to Incarnation: Maya Owen: 06/22/15


There Is A Fire That Never Goes Out: Shane Clements: 06/15/15


Two Skies: Gabrielle Faith Williams: 06/08/15


Wolves Change Rivers: Rae Hoffman: 06/01/15


Push Kick: Yu-Han Chao: 05/25/15


Friendly Neighborhood PTO: Xoe Amer: 05/18/15


South Africa: Joe Pan: 05/11/15


Soon-Soon Monsoon: Justin Grogan: 05/04/15


Venus and Organist and Little Dog: Chelsea Harlan: 04/27/15


Apple Blossom Song: Will Johnston: 04/20/15


A Study of Color: Natalie Cunningham: 04/13/15


from The Singing Gerunds: Stephanie Anderson: 04/06/15


I recommend talking seductively: Kayla Wheeler: 03/30/15


The Way It Was: Lauren Elizabeth Raheja: 03/23/15


Abecedarian: Boona Daroom: 03/16/15


Fawn: Kristin LaFollette: 03/09/15


Markéd: Jeffery Berg: 03/02/15


Before Much Ado About Nothing: Sarah Sala: 02/22/15


Nothonotus wapiti: Amy Wright: 02/15/15


Dear American Lovechild: Robyn Art: 02/08/15


I Will Sing the Monster to Sleep: John Bradley: 02/01/15


feeling unobservant around a woman: Jonathan Wallin: 01/25/15


[180]: Jared Joseph: 01/18/15


Decimal Cereus: Joe Milazzo: 01/11/15


When We Met During Prohibition: Kathleen Jones: 01/04/15


I Climbed on Top of a Viewpoint: Sean Shearer: 12/28/14


Body: Stephanie Goehring: 12/21/14


when the snakes scattered: a rattling yes: Tony Mancus: 12/14/14


Kentdale: Lindsay Macik: 12/07/14


You Are in An Avalanche: Dalton Day: 11/30/14


The Wages of Life With a Tad of Smoke: Jamison Crabtree: 10/05/14


To Leave One Bed Out: Amy Jo Trier-Walker: 09/28/14


Beyoncé is Sorry for What She Won’t Feel: Morgan Parker: 09/21/14


Desire for an Object Almost Always Implies This: Laura Carter: 09/14/14


A Bed of Strangers: Nika Levikov: 09/07/14


Small Picture: Hanae Jonas: 07/13/14


interloper: Patrick Samuel: 07/06/14


Days After: JD Scott: 06/29/14


(soured): Alexis Pope: 06/22/14


In the Valley of Love and Delight: Susan Grimm: 06/15/14


Man Revises Nature: Emily Brandt: 06/08/14


pressing spirals: John Mortara: 06/01/14


The Scarlet Ibis: Maureen Thorson: 05/18/14


Rain Poem: Sarah Certa: 05/11/14


Dear brother, from the hospital: Will Mackie-Jenkins: 05/04/14


Forget Porn: Meg Thompson: 04/27/14


Lizzy Grant’s America: Laura Romeyn: 04/20/14


Island: Dean Baltesson: 04/13/14


the topography of theological narcissism: Keegan Lester: 04/06/14


There is a lot of work: Weston Cutter: 03/30/14


Counting Cars: Brian Cordell: 03/23/14


Instructions for Flowers: Joshua Ware: 03/16/14


Parallax: Penny O. Dartmouth: 03/09/14


Cradle Song: Tim Greenup: 03/02/14


West Barry Street: Marty McConnell: 02/23/14


Resolutions: Siel Ju: 02/16/14


Consensus: Eric Kozlik: 02/09/14


Let’s Go Swimming: Alex Cuff: 02/02/14


For New Manifestations of the Godhead: Matt Broaddus: 01/26/14


Man at the End of Something: John Hogan: 01/19/14


Palo Verde: Katy Diana: 01/12/14


Silent Film: Lauren Rebecca Gay: 01/05/14


incentive salience, a system of motivation: Olivia Ayes: 12/29/13


Do not yell fire but do embody it: Stephen Morrow: 12/22/13 


Red: Maureen Seaton and Neil de la Flor: 12/15/13


Arkansas: James Grinwis: 12/08/13


The Physician in the Dark: Dustin Junkert: 12/01/13


Ocean Park: Katie Herman: 11/24/13


Transformations: Camille Guillot: 11/17/13


Husk: Noland Bo Chaliha: 11/10/13


When we were dogs: Silvia Bonilla: 11/03/13


Elsa, One Way To Avoid Date Rape Is: Angela Veronica Wong: 10/27/13


My Dark, Semitic Wiles: Nicole Steinberg: 10/20/13


Fads: James Eidson: 10/13/13


metousiosis: Ryan Boyd: 10/06/13


I say erstwhile: Holly Amos: 09/29/13


I Know You Speak to Your Sons of Me: Benjamin Clark: 09/22/13


True Story: Christopher Cheney: 09/15/13


The Psychopathy of Everyday Life: Michael Seth Stewart: 09/08/13


Not a Chance Encounter: Glenn Halak: 09/01/13


Modernity: Adam Gerard: 08/25/13


Exchange: Bernd Sauermann: 08/18/13


One Beauty: Michael Schiavo: 08/11/13


Jenny: Lindsay Macik: 08/04/13


Apt. 7F: Jessica Dyer: 07/28/13


Pattern Bluffer: Peter Milne Greiner: 07/21/13


The Cellar in Ptuj: Tomaž Šalamun: 07/14/13


Recreating a Miraculous Object: Janaka Stucky: 07/07/13


Reduced Sentence or Snagglepuss Ponders: Rob MacDonald: 06/30/13


Declaration: Jason Ueda: 06/23/13


Ambition: Aaron Plasek: 06/16/13


Catamount: Uche Ogbuji: 06/09/13


from Pink Clouds of the Apocalypse: Justin Marks: 06/02/13


Landscape Variations: Adam Chiles: 05/26/13


Schooner: Sheila Stewart: 05/19/13


West Virginia: Jeffrey Hecker: 05/12/13


Reflection on a Visit to the National Gallery: Eldis Sula: 05/05/13


Three nightmares and two scenes from life: Elizabeth Gross: 04/28/13


It’s Not My Opinion: Robert Cunningham: 04/21/13


Inside the Belly: Tom Hunley: 04/14/13


reclamation: Mary Humphrey Baldridge: 04/07/13


Gypsy Mom: Ellen Elder: 03/31/13


Things That Were Thrown Out of My Room: John Findura: 03/24/13


Mount Rushmore: Autumn McClintock: 03/17/13


Self-Portrait in Her Inherited Wreck: Natalie Eilbert: 03/10/13


Chateau Deux Margots: Matthew Gasda: 03/03/13


Katie Condons: Katie Condon: 02/24/13


from Panorama-O-Rama: Adam Soldofsky: 02/17/13


No Latin Term: Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren: 12/23/12


i am dumb with snow: M. G. Martin: 12/16/12


Discount Tire Apocalypse: Jim Redmond: 12/09/12


(Betraying Spill-O): Colin Dodds: 12/02/12


Pennsylvania Tableau: Jack Snyder: 11/25/12


All These New Caves: Jeff Hipsher: 11/18/12


Eidolon at Sea at Dawn: Daniel D’Angelo: 11/11/12


This is a Rat Trap: Meg McKeon: 11/04/12


tears: Devi Acharya: 10/28/12


The Lumpenpoemletariat: Darcie Dennigan: 10/21/12


Captains Log: Rest in Peaches: Mel Coyle: 10/14/12


Rescue: Jessica Bixel: 10/07/12


Week 36 (Figure): B.K. Fischer: 09/30/12


Mountain Man: Matt Hart: 09/23/12


The Ache Poem: Julia Cohen: 09/16/12


Nightfall: R.D. Parker: 09/09/12


Lo: Elana Wolff: 09/02/12


It’s All Been Done Before: Elizabeth O’Brien: 08/26/12


Committee Regarding Debriefing Kin: W.M. Lobko: 08/19/12


Scare The Information Through Direct: Mike Young: 08/12/12


Kitchen Table, Simply Set: Aubrey Lenahan: 08/05/12


Dirt Bikes: Donald Illich: 07/29/12


The Auditions: Sarah Green: 07/22/12


Got a Minute?: Justin Davis: 07/15/12


Journal Notes—Reality: Morgan Harlow: 07/08/12


Desafiar: Danniel Schoonebeek: 07/01/12


Sonar: Gregg Murray: 06/24/12


At night, by marriage:: Lisa Ciccarello: 06/17/12


from A Home Big Enough for Remembering: Kiely Sweatt: 06/10/12


from Dear Mark: Martin Rock: 06/04/12


In Vain: Kateri Lanthier: 05/27/12


from The Bird in Guernica: Chris Tonelli: 05/20/12


the soul does not prevent: Dan Chelotti: 05/13/12


Good Morning!: Hugh Behm-Steinberg: 05/06/12


Winter Sequence: Mariel Glass: 04/29/12


Evolution: Tad Richards: 04/22/12


Everything Is Teetering: Drew Scott Swenhaugen: 04/15/12


How To Make Friends: Daniel Hales: 04/08/12


Poem For the Relief of Fallen Women: Gregory Crosby: 04/01/12


Flushing Meadows: Dale Lunan: 03/25/12


from statues with interior arms: j/j hastain: 03/18/12


The Lake Dwellers: Josh Bauer: 03/11/12


Driving into the Lilacs: Courtney Kampa: 03/04/12


If you were sideways: Sarah Edwards: 02/26/12


of Lemon Rinds: Nina Buck: 02/19/12


Lake Monster: Joshua Schneider: 02/12/12


The Polo Lesson: James Grinwis: 02/05/12


Poem: Ana Božičević: 01/29/12


Tetris Logic: C.S. Ward: 01/22/12


A Cyborg Lover Would Be More Dependable: Ellen Welcker: 01/15/12


Her Art: Alex Chambers: 01/08/12


En Vogue: A Relief: Amy King: 01/01/12


Travel light: Justin Uliano: 12/25/11


Moonrising: Samuel Piccone: 12/18/11


Colleen: Alison Strub: 12/11/11


Humid: Jarrod Annis: 12/04/11


The Work: Alex Rieser: 11/27/11


A Climate of Temperatures: Peggy Aylsworth: 11/20/11


American Superlative: Scott Abels: 11/13/11


More of the Same: Daniel Payne: 11/06/11


The ignored trapeze: MC Hyland: 10/30/11


Everything happens at once: Elias Simpson: 10/23/11


Here to There: Elizabeth Clark Wessel: 10/16/11


The Old Dog’s Lament: Bertha Rogers: 10/09/11


Cabin History: Garth Graeper: 10/02/11


Untitled (Another poem about dreams): Monica Wendel: 09/25/11


Arise, Dissembler: Curtis Perdue: 09/18/11


Codicil of the Arrogant Man: Ezra Dan Feldman: 09/11/11


Finding Yourself: Yvette Johnson: 09/04/11


Words for Snow: Bret Shepard: 08/28/11


Mascot: Noah Falck: 08/21/11


The Humanist: Matthew Gasda: 08/14/11


Here is Arty Veronica: Anthony Madrid: 08/07/11


“Me, Brighid!”: Lindsay Reid: 07/31/11


Feast Of Healing: Whit Griffin: 07/24/11


Written on Water: William Cordeiro: 07/17/11


The Legendary Hat Story: Ryan Collins: 07/10/11


Elvis: Nin Andrews: 07/03/11


Interview: Dan Rosenberg: 06/26/11


from Totem: Brian Foley: 06/19/11


Coming To in a Grove of Antlers: Nolan Chessman: 06/12/11


Where Dying Engines Bled: Jacob Mays: 06/05/11


Event: C.S. Carrier: 05/29/11


Pass: Camilo Roldan: 05/22/11


They’ve Skinned the Dead: Jesse Goolsby: 05/15/11


Traveler’s Lament: Malka Older: 05/08/11


i think about all laws i can violate: Adam Moorad: 05/01/11


from I Live Here Now: Jackie Clark: 04/24/11


Blobfish: Kate Schapira: 04/17/11


Good Baptist Boy: Michael Van Dyke: 04/10/11


Long Island Goodnight: Christopher Keller: 04/03/11


Valentine Graph: Terry Wright: 03/27/11


Folio #25 – Symphonic and dreamlike: Anne Gorrick: 03/20/11


every time i hear the word ‘combo’: James Schiller: 03/13/11


Morning Exercises: Christopher Phelps: 03/06/11


Don’t you think it would be smart if: Matt Mauch: 02/27/11


Post Hoc: Amy Lawless: 02/20/11


Rapture: Beau Boudreaux: 02/13/11


You do not need to fear the heat: Rick Kempa: 02/06/11


New Year: Brad Liening: 01/30/11


2 O’Clock in the Morning, Martha’s Vineyard: Kirby Wright: 01/23/11


Ruben and the Radio: John Glass: 01/16/11


Childhood: Paul Hostovsky: 01/09/11


Prayer to Ruth Stone: Kelly Cockerham: 01/02/11


If Only to Wake When Night: Alexis Orgera: 12/26/10


An Expanse of Open or Cleared Ground: Lauren Nicole Nixon: 12/19/10


No cracked earth: Caroline Klocksiem: 12/12/10


Love Song for the Woman: Kosrof Chantikian: 12/05/10


Practical Joke on My Younger Sister: Kristina Browder: 11/28/10


Who are you?: Marian Brown St Onge: 11/21/10


Spinoza, Irene, Lenses: Barbara Lefcowitz: 11/14/10


Mrs. Carty: Tony Reevy: 11/7/10


Developments: Lauren Camp: 10/31/10


reset: Jeffrey Allen: 10/24/10


If You Brush Your Teeth: Ricky Garni: 10/17/10


Some Notes Beginning With Winter: John Sibley Williams: 10/10/10


Little Creatures: William Emery: 10/03/10


Sounds like leaving: Sarah Fitzpatrick Comito: 09/26/10


Deep Sea Route 66: Casey FitzSimons: 09/19/10


Mike: Sherry O’Keefe: 09/12/10


Nationwide Hankering on a Saturday in Fall: William Aarnes: 09/5/10


Bob The Goldfish: Garth Pavell: 08/29/10


@ AWP: Russell Jaffe: 08/22/10


Born in the USA (1984): MacAdam Smith: 08/15/10


A Moving Vehicle: Kathleen Kirk: 08/08/10


January (or Winter Bird Dream): Millie Falcaro: 08/01/10


Postcard: Daniel Marsteller: 07/25/10


Cemetery Cars: Matt Marinovich: 07/18/10


Upon a Line by Michael Cunningham: Doug Paul Case: 07/11/10


Epiphenomenal Epithalamium: Michael Leong: 07/04/10


Chautauqua: Nights On The Beach: Lee Boyle: 06/27/10


Bradley Peebles was absent: Matthew Vermillion: 06/20/10


Can’t we put them all there: Sarah Sloat: 06/13/10


Why I Write in My Diary Every Day: Gregory Lawless: 06/06/10


Keep: Carolyn Zaikowski: 05/30/10


Bones: Athena Pangikas-Miller: 05/23/10


In life there’s an opportunity to count: Travis Cebula: 05/16/10


Is Vanishing: Andrew Terhune: 05/09/10


Bitter Almonds: Ana Garza G’z: 05/02/10


At Año Nuevo State Park: Masin Persina: 04/25/10


Orphan anvils: Christine Klocek-Lim: 04/18/10


I pray you, mar no more trees: Megan Ronan: 04/11/10


What the heart is: Anne Marie Rooney: 04/04/10


Gaffled at the Apple Store: Francis Raven: 03/28/10


Subject: There Will Always Be a Moment: Samuel Wharton: 03/21/10


Walking Down This Hall: Lee Stern: 03/14/10



Cleaning the Buick: Larry Blazek: 02/28/10


The ABC’s of Loss: Peter Schwartz: 02/21/10


S is for Schwa: Craig Foltz: 02/14/10


Beard Weaned: Jay Snodgrass: 02/07/10


The Existing Situation as it Presently Exists: Nate Pritts: 01/31/10


Craigville Leadership Council: Gerald Yelle: 01/24/10


After illusion: Karen Neuberg: 01/17/10


Agni: Priyadarshi Patnaik: 01/10/10


Why He Got Divorced Again: Mark Jackley 01/03/10


To Eat a Doughnut in the Dark, Alone: Heather McNaugher: 12/27/09


You’re It, Tag: Stephen Danos: 12/20/09


too ra loo ra: Ron Green: 12/13/09


A Brown Trout: Chris Caldemeyer: 12/06/09


Quotidian: Nancy Devine: 11/29/09


Bedroom Anthropologist: Tom McCauley: 11/22/09


With Shut Eyes: Rob Schlegel: 11/15/09