Leveler Poetry Journal
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People file in admiring the long, shaved legs of cheerleaders. People sit in the stands surrounding the glossy wooden-floored court. Leather balls bounce and fill baskets with scripted sounds. The band plays everyone’s favorite song from the student section where boys and girls personify patterns in painted faces; where everybody’s pretty in the mirror. Wandering about in tall boots and tight jeans is a bearded boy in a plaid shirt. His beard is made from someone else’s hair, someone who died making love in a small Ohio town. He seems out of place and walks as if the seasons are changing around him. He passes a trio of little girls who point and cover their tiny mouths confining their cackles. The boy scratches his beard with an axe that he somehow snuck past the elderly security guard. When he unveils his small teeth, the little girls’ faces turn into doughy meat. People in holiday sweaters stare at the boy as he meanders to the front row of the student section. His axe now a focal point. As the referee tosses the ball into the air, the faces around him go drunk with distortion. He tugs on his suspenders, raises his axe and yells TIMBER.

Noah Falck