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Love Song for the Woman with Beautiful Hands


each day I wait for your signs

in the morning when you awake

at night I count every finger of your hands

your hands of bones and summer blood

your hands which you say have forgotten how to dream

as if winter could ever wean its desires of spring

or birds in the morning tell lies

and refuse to sing


in late afternoon we were walking on the shore

several dozen feet above the waves a congregation of birds

seagulls, herons, pelicans

hungry searching for a meal

then in the next breath

dove a pelican

like a fleshy arrow into the sea

plucked a fish and went off


I looked for you

on the beach

I wanted to lie down

next to you

on the cool sand

I wanted to show you why it’s important

to recognize the shape of your hand

the look of your hand

the special way to touch the lines

of your palm

the roads and paths

marks of eternity

I wanted to tell you about the pelican

how quickly it reached a decision

how it knew what to do

how to live and not die

but your hands which you say have forgotten

how to dream

your hands

which I look for

each day

Kosrof Chantikian