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liminal spaces


there are some things
i’m afraid of like
stepping into fog
off the edge of the side-
walk or like magnetized
appliances or re-
stored shelving. i mean
how can you really
see how sturdy
it will become? or,
my vertical space isn’t
quite what your expect-
ations are made of so
when you sit
next to a stranger
on the train or on the bus
what do you share
to unstranger the filled
seat: hello or may
i or isn’t it just
so chilly out to-
day in any
case these exclamatory ex-
halations don’t really
get me any-
where quickly but
at their own pace
and i suppose
it’s sort of like walking
through autumn
leaves feet
trailing under
sounds of
crinkly brown
taffeta and not really
knowing what
you’re stepping through

Abi Pollokoff