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Landscape Variations


I come back to you, stunned lane, hoared by

the freezing sheets, locked inside the white


chapels of winter, boot pressing into your

slender gravels, your black spine – we drift blind


through puzzled combs of mist, a hallowed truancy,

this hour, its dark fluxing our veins.





Evening, its rusted sculleries, ice-shoggled, hasks

at the wooded ulnas, vowels scalding


our path ways. What else but this: the body un-

latched by night’s frequencies, a wind’s larceny,


its archives flushing the antlered wood, a noise

inseparable from me – irons gabled to the land.





A pond’s metal, my insomnia eye, the sculled

iris of crow. Black splinter, you travel lawless across


the convent waters, my tremolo, a toppled star

torn from hymnal attics. Dear pioneer, you ink


the pike lit surfaces, a felled cultic, hatching there.

Your unmoored shadow keys the evening waters.





What of the sycamore, a soliloquy of branches,

the endless casting of its prayer?  Above me


the sky aches in her sooted lung, and what is left?

My shadow rooting through the natal weeds,


stitched to their green seam, a sycamore’s voltage

at my back, this boreal fuse driving the body home.

Adam Chiles