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lake erie


i remember a big lake

an unshakeable need to resolve it

the end of the month to the day

nothing short of stunning

wearing the wrong shoes

from a meander, my feet felt like ice

lay off me man

quit asking me to go

you wanted to go see some movie

it will await us on the other side

i wanted to count the frozen ants

not terribly surprised by the breathtaking

thoughts of freezing to death

kindred spirits and mutual influences

it means i had you that night

the morning comes

to read us long division

measure some room

to stretch and breathe

still so hard to define

what we are or were

your mother left for work

wander around the wild abode

we dare not follow her

i snuck in your room

fill the space between your teeth

your hair was longer then

easy to identify once you are out there

you take forever to pick

just wear those shoes

we don’t have much time

and maybe you’re it

and maybe i have always known it

my only chance to freeze

is to push you as far away as i can

content so still with me

Sarah Kelly