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Katie Condons


There are about six different Katie Condons on the internet:
Volleyball playing Katie Condons,
Singing Katie Condons,
Katie Condons who do things Katie Condon
Could never imagine herself doing,
i.e. Katie Condon attending a Miley Cyrus concert
Or the sales associate by day stripper by night
Come find me on Match.com Katie Condon.
There was a picture of me (the real Katie Condon)
At a church retreat six years ago
Which was bizarre and nostalgic
But mostly excruciatingly misleading
To the other Katie Condons who Google themselves.
I must seem so young and saint-like to them
Which is partially true
Because I can still pass for fifteen
But it is not to say that I haven’t discovered
The world’s fainter reflections.
Katie Condons, I don’t want you all
To get the wrong impression of me—
I am willing to walk through the rain to reach a place
But to say that I am ready to define the world is an understatement.

Katie Condon