Leveler Poetry Journal
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I recommend talking seductively about your period


there is a thick wetness between

my legs a slippery trickle

like flesh melting my cervix

is a messy bloom

to paint your sheets with

abstract / art / master / piece

locket around / your mother’s neck

I am an engorged moon

a swollen pulse

an ocean you are learning

to backstroke in each beat

the bloodwave of a body’s

promise if you wanted wine

for the eucharist

you could have just asked

I do this without trying

like loving you it is muscle memory

this ripe quake in my hips

this that wants

out like the zenith

in my body when you

put your hands on it please

tell me I am the last raindrop on

earth staining your sky deep

purple crushed mulberries

under your boot ask me if

this hurts like love and I will say

yes          yes          yes

Kayla Wheeler