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Here is Arty Veronica

Here is arty Veronica

With her colicky rag of hair.

Electric guitar, harmonica

Are harbingers of despair.

The monkeypriest and the poopycup

Were stupid with admiration.

They stood too close and got fucked up

By the rep from Aryan Nation.

Monkey see, monkey write.

Colin Clout’s come home again.

But blood is not ink despite

Your feeding it through a pen.

Daughter, where is your dog collar?

Where are your whips and plugs?

I don’t know why I bother

Policing these little thugs.

The little door in my chest

Is opening and out comes a ladder.

And the monkeypriest and the poopycup

Are oozing out like batter.

I’m just mad about Saffron.

Saffron’s mad about me.

Pseudoepinephrine in

A tiny white cotton T.

Listen as Teacher scolds me.

You’d think I hadn’t a prayer.

But after school she told me

To come but I was already there.

Oh, bell without a clapper!

Oh, new sud in the rinse!

You can’t expect these rappers

To come to their own defense.

Oh, Alpha Zulu Foxtrot!

And, thanks to the god of wealth,

I’m sick of all these doctors.

Physician, fuck thyself.

In the depths of the walk-in closet,

Women are young men too.

With the help of a safety deposit

We can all hopple on through.

I caught Veronica sexting.

She’s carrying on like a stallion.

I trust the story is extant

And written in choice Italian.

Praise! It don’t come cheap.

You’re apt to lose your Zen.

But all the literati keep

Eleemosynary friends.

If you haven’t seen the photo,

Better give Baby his bottle.

She is a shocking babe. Hakuna

Matata, Nezhukumatathil.

Poet, supplant the porn!

Conjure the gorgeous ass.

Till teenage boys all scorn

These corny photographs.

Father, accuse not your son!

The son who loves you so.

The poopycups will come.

They have nowhere else to go.

The monkeypriests are approaching.

They bring their terrible sword.

You cannot resist the power of

The poopycups of the Lord.

And Veronica isn’t human.

Whom she does not love she hates. I eat

The cunt of a brutal woman

And I don’t care how long it takes.

I don’t care how long it takes!

Let it go on till Hanukkah!

This is the United States.

And this is arty Veronica.

Anthony Madrid