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Gaffled at the Apple Store

We waited for hours.  We were not first in line

But we were near.  We could smell our new phones.

Why do the ankles hurt so much

From merely standing in line?

Others had abandoned the chase, but the mall was far away

And there were few other options.

When you’re in line you can’t move.

A woman who is not in line starts gaffling us:

When you boot up your computer for the first time

You have to set up a videocamera and a Dictaphone

To document what it’s doing otherwise you’ll never remember.

You’ll never be able to do it again.

I felt sorry for her.  She was old and overweight.

She was not part of the chosen generation.

She would not get a phone today.

Neither, unfortunately, would I.

Instead, we mourned the loss of communication

And dogged some pizza in the mall’s food court.

Francis Raven