Leveler Poetry Journal
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from Pink Clouds of the Apocalypse


Innumerable people of creative talent

I must express my joy!    The message of days

is a disconnected tongue     Awkward stains

and beer bottles on baby teeth    Dynamic

data in a pinch     Interruption

is the rhythm      An operational (w)hole    Absence

as visibility is the value    Equal disappointment    A happy

marriage    The enemy

is an anemone    I’ll never be a rock star

but that’s not going to stop me

from coming up with names for bands—

Pond Snail Meth-Head    Massacre Society    What’s Your Major?

I hide my prurience in civility     Discard my lanyard

and I’m lost    The silence

is excitement     A timid little teether all wrapped up

in reverb    Bio-luminescent creatures shining in a bay on a night of low

light pollution    The colors of dawn—hysterical—travel along

my bones    An average beauty    A sales force charging

into the night

Justin Marks