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Friendly Neighborhood PTO


We are so stuck that tonight

the moon is a clot

in a dark artery.

I do believe in the need for us to communicate

a little more like Styrofoam cups

in the same storm drain,

and a little less like zoo animals in separate cages.


There is a joke I never “got”: A Buddhist

says to an alcoholic, and an engine fire

says to a green piece of plastic,

“Of course we are sleepy after destroying ourselves.”

A woman pregnant with pine needles agrees.


Tonight we are so secretive that the moon

is a milky blind eye.

We are confident in three things: The archivist

at the Patent Office

who wears yellow framed glasses in hopes

that the file clerk will notice

considers herself a folklorist; the Patent Office

is internally divided over whether it contains legal documents

or creation myths; and,

we must consult the Patent Office in hopes of learning more

about the purposes of the grooves in tooth picks.

Xoe Amer