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Folio #25 – Symphonic and dreamlike

December 13, 2009

Their various orchestrations / their floating juxtapositions

They reformulate and synthesize / in conundrum

(s) / picture-making / and time / + / memory

personal history and/or / art history

endpapers as points of departure

The present volume shaped / like / a spiral galaxy

He became absorbed in lithography

Her tracings of him were never identified

They expressed satisfaction as / they drew each other

a folded over sheet of paper / will reappear later

They were a work destroyed by fire

Cemetery Cave / drawings over proofs / probe archeologically / the tilted cross form

a ladder

its shadow / ghosts in tendons and limbs

signature/splatter / sardonic accidents / a shipboard inventory

a manifesto

a chart of voyages

a childhood home reconstructed from memory /

overlays/taped up/furled

Anne Gorrick