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When Cobain does it

my sister calls him

metaphysically honest

by 7th grade I tell my friends

I’m closing in

I’ll will you my posters

as I tell my girlfriend

I should have been 12 in ’93

I’m an exit-wound in time

when she breaks it off

I write her

a pretty dark letter

on Napoleon’s cock

jarred    brined

an instrument of love

lodged in the lobe

of his legacy

and she never gets it

when my parents find it

I assure them

I’ll myself hang in your closet 

comic gold

my mom in chemo

sobs into her wig

sorry you feel that way she says

so the next day

I go to CD Warehouse

trade Nevermind for Blue

begin to say

I should have been 12 in the 60’s

but often when I stare into tie-dye

it stares back

James Eidson