Leveler Poetry Journal
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Everything is Teetering on the Edge of Everything with a Polite Smile

The light hits my office window

With unsuspected force for this

Time of year. My window is open

In February. I’m so nervous

I could sleep all day. But if

I sleep, I will be missing out

In all the activities in my hood.

The park is bustling. Day drinking.

When I look back on it,

I’ll remember today as a good one,

Despite the butterflies

Running  themselves into my stomach.

When I call in sick, a storm

Erupts somewhere in the world.

I flick a bug off from my arm

And buildings collapse. When

I sleep my dreams are in a dull

World of equilibrium. I don’t

Prefer demise, I guess I am

Just used to it from a view

That can only be described as

Distant. From that distance all

The houses are swallowed by clouds.

I poo a little. It’s so glorious out.

The bug shouldn’t have been

On my arm. It’s not Spring time yet.

Drew Scott Swenhaugen