Leveler Poetry Journal
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Everything happens at once

Snow lights the fields;

orange clay glows.

Two young Greek students speak French

two bus rows ahead.

I think easily of Matisse—the femmes

and lines. I’m holding a text message

in my pocket. I know it says

Je veux pas, I don’t want. I don’t either.

Our end was obvious at the metro,

when she let me go like an American.

The bus rocks on the old road, and green

houses huddle against a treeline.

Matisse had seven wives, and an eye

for Arab women in hookah smoke.

Somewhere in the trees and snow

a squirrel dreams. More nuts sums it up.

In childhood more is the second word—

after mama. There’s only so much to go around.

I pray to the cat in a dirt road

that I never see my mom again, until summer

when I’ll have buried this bus ride

with that last sentence, and a fear of cats

which Matisse could not sympathize with.

For some want is the second word—and then


Elias Simpson