Leveler Poetry Journal
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Dear brother, from the hospital


been needing more use out my hands lately

quit smoking shoved a wad of tobacco

in my lip and whistled stroking the wall


went to big red cross X marks the spot

I got pneumonia ran out the doc’s office

before she could give me worse news


remembered the place like a carton of eggs

with all the eggs broke inside

and the fertilized one was dad


fact is cancer ain’t no joke can be part of a joke

brain lymphoma walks into a bar ouch

mom didn’t much appreciate that one


dad was funny as hell

he would have loved it and anyways

don’t remember much about the last few years


but been thinking lately

when we was kids

he used to talk like that


and sometimes he put a r

where it don’t belong in talk

when we was kids


meaning you and me

sat all by my lonesome in the ocean

talked to the waves named most of them


got sad when they crashed on the shore

walked out the water to sit with the family

under the beach umbrella and the shadow felt good

Will Mackie-Jenkins