Leveler Poetry Journal
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Dear American Lovechild,


your coterie is tiring;

Dear Disgruntled Constituents,

I am going slick with pulchritude;

Dear Mitigating Circumstance,

yes, there are others like you;

Dear Concealed-Carry Proponent,

are your dreams amphibious and peopled?

Dear Survivor Guilt,

Laundry. Laundry.

Dear Misspent Youth,

mordant, cruel, non-specifically crepuscular;

Dear Anonymous Teenage Sad-Sack,

if you don’t know, I can’t tell you;

Dear Schadenfreude,

the world of dew is the world of dew;

Dear Itinerant Virtual Presence,

Yours is one of the field of blossoming;

Dear Wold Enough and Time,

turn left and you’ll reach the water;

Dear Aspiring Xenophobe,

keep going and you’ll reach the sea

Robyn Art