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Bob The Goldfish

Like a peaceful warrior, your stance was like a dance

Dark finned, dolphin souled, a player and rambler

Taking the high road, actually there were no roads

Across the lawless lands of your prism like planet

Only your fluidity mastering currents of a godless filter

I too once slept beside a plastic bush, hiding from the world

Coddling my cold blooded heart in the inorganic never talking

Reflections that pantomimed my every move. Of course it’s worse

When you’re human. They’ll call you a big fish in a small pond

Instead of at the helm in your bowl of wild enchanted sea

Oh, Bob, let’s face it. We were very much alike. We breathed

Fecal air and tried to hump the glass at night. You once said

Impenetrable transparency is a marriage just waiting to happen

While looking so cool, blowing your smokeless smoke fish rings

It only now occurs to me we were always gasping for the same air

Garth Pavell