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about: editors’ note
To assure our readers we are being responsible editors and to increase the transparency of our editorial process as a whole, each poem published by LEVELER is accompanied by a brief note on our selection entitled levelheaded. Here we look at what a poem conveys and how. In no way do we claim levelheaded is a final, authoritative take on any corresponding poem. Instead, we hope to provide readers with another way into the poem, thereby encouraging closer readings, and ultimately, challenges to our findings.




about: process
When considering poems for publication in LEVELER, we try to approach every poem on its own terms. We attempt to surmise what a poem wants to achieve and determining, based on the poetic strategies employed, how close that poem comes to fulfilling its goals. When our editorial tastes differ, we hope the discrepancies ultimately strengthen our selections (though, undoubtedly, quality work slips through). While our process is necessarily subjective, we make a point not to let our limited predispositions dictate what we publish.


Our editorial process is as follows. All poems are read by one editor, twice or more, on separate days, with at least two weeks between reads. The ones that stand out after the second read move into the discussion phase. Each poem receives a separate email thread, where the initial reader offers his read for the poem, and the other editors add their impressions. We then vote, and if two (or more) editors get behind a poem, we email the poet our offer of publication. A few days after the poet accepts our offer, we add the poem to our future publication schedule (see our More Poems page), assign the writing of the levelheaded to an individual editor, and notify the poet on exact date.


Poems are typically published late Monday night, and a tweet goes out Tuesday morning with a link to the poem.


about: letters to the editors
Readers are encouraged to write us at


with general comments, as well as those specific to poems and levelheaded. Please type Letter to Editors in the subject line of your email. All correspondences will be considered for publication.




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