Leveler Poetry Journal
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A is my sister and brother.

B is me hindered.

C was my mother before D ran off with E.

F was an instrument confiscated by customs.

G is my recommended for any alibi.

H and I are just kind of me during certain periods.

J is always there, looking over my shoulder.

K is an exception.

L was just like a starfish.

M is like N, but fatter.

O will always be my flotation device.

P is stalling at intersections.

Q went away with a new perspective.

R is the door that will not open because of some fault with the lock.

S is an areyto in the fashion of the rustics of Spain.

T was smoking at a red light.

U is our drunkenness of bodies.

V is beguiling with 30 grams of Valium.

W gasses up.

X loads up.

Y gets ready for the worse.

Z gives worser back.

Boona Daroom