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A Slant of Certain Light


illuminates the daunting acme of heaven’s gilded vaults,

as winnowing through great blank spaces,


dappled shafts of a soot-grimed sky, unmarred by nostalgia or regret

plunges the peregrine falcon.


She is cerulean agency on the wing, ubiquitous death

tumbling toward an anxious and unsettled world.


In her focused lens shines sentience—a restive promise,

steeled tension of things about to chance.


Some hold her alar flight, embellished by invocation’s

piercing scream,


is a sextant guiding more laborious patterns we hold

against the jealous pull of gravity;


that she carries on her pinioned descent primordial,

nebular stardust;


that she is Divinity ascending each spring on earnest columns

of mounting air that abide no sin;


that the stunning panoply of shadow-light from windswept billows

presages the encroachment of deeper, more lasting dusks.


But our paralytic stasis, the absence of any precise measure, blinds us

to the truth she exacts


from her imposing summits: A swift congruence of talon-sharp veracity

with a pigeon’s nadir—unspoken accord


decided in convolutions of spiraling velocity, blood-stippled down

drifting earthbound in silent reverence.


Her exploits thus appeal most forcibly to her own keen eye, her dim form

yet receding with the light.

Gina Marie Bernard