Leveler Poetry Journal
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15th & G


tried to lose my mind but the grid stayed

the same / maybe a car hit me / maybe

I was struck / dumb / maybe my hair blew

in the alley wind the way you’d like / all

swept up in the fucking now / O I ran

like a deer & you took one good look &

soft jogged away / I yelled & you took

my yell / you took my hands / you left

the numb outline of your print / you

don’t have eyes / you never did /

you were a voice / you were a sound /

an empty imagined train / can you see

this mountain with your mouth / can

you let me know it’s there / & my

mind rusting over back to normal /

what does that sound like / tell me / tell

me in numbers / tell me in notes

Alyse Knorr